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Sandye Zdanwic is an early childhood educator and a passionate children's book author. She is the creator and owner of Intrinsic Ink Publishing. She has an abundance of experience spanning over 10 years working with children.


Since she was young, Sandye nurtured a desire for creating, which motivated her to start writing stories for children. She writes in an easy, uncomplicated style that demands children's attention to her books while teaching them essential social emotional skills, that will help them thrive. Sandye lives in Texas and her hobbies include spending quality time with her family, traveling, and exploring the histories of the world.

Sandye is motivated to show and teach children that they can handle it, and do great things. She believes in intrinsic motivations and out of that philosophy she birthed Intrinsic Ink Publishing. Intrinsic Ink Publishing was created due to the lack of diversity and representation in the libraries. Intrinsic Ink Publishing focuses on diversity, including differing abled persons, pushing them out of the shadows and into full representation.  Intrinsic Ink Publishing stands above the rest with a message of empowering the individual to create themselves. 

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